Private Equity Clients

Our objective is to assist professional investors to seize opportunities for growth in risk-managed returns from within the nearly US$2.2 Trillion global media and entertainment industry.

Pursuing Vision

We work with our capital partners to identify and evaluate investment opportunities within the creative industries and their supporting infrastructure, technology, distribution and management sectors.

Enhancing Value

We work with both entrepreneurial boards and creative professionals to embrace corporate, capital and commercial strategies to manage risk and seamlessly integrate the needs of private equity investors.

Accelerating Velocity

We assist in discussions with both investors and project leadership to recognise the nexus between an immediate opportunity for value investing and the more lucrative opportunity for long-term value creation from both strategic and portfolio assets.

Creative Clients

Our objective is to align the interests of creativity and capital to deliver stories that expand the horizons of global audiences.

We work with both investors and entrepreneurs to transform creative endeavours into commercial productions.

We offer a full-service strategy and management consultancy to select clients seeking:

  • advisory work dedicated to enhancing your professional team;
  • corporate and capital structuring to build credibility in your organisation;
  • capital raising strategy to connect your brand to the knowledgeable and interested investors;
  • the production of business plans, financial models and bespoke private placement memorandum designed to demonstrate your readiness.

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